Residential Construction

For all your residential electrical needs

We Have Years of Experience

Our team at Impact Electric LTD has completed countless single family infills and custom homes. Our roots come from older communities within Winnipeg so helping to bring a facelift to these areas through infill homes is a passion of ours. We know how to help builders construct the most economical yet luxurious homes for families within Winnipeg.

High-End Custom Solutions

If you are looking to build a high-end custom home, we know just what you need. We work along side some of the leading lighting designers in the industry and we can walk you through everything you need to create the breathtaking masterpiece of your dreams. From Custom lighting layouts to fully impact the architecture of your family home, to full smart home integration. This not only allows you to control nearly everything in your home from the touch of your phone, it also helps to save energy through auto dimming of lights, turning off lights when you vacate a room, and limiting energy usage when you are out of the house.

Benefits of hiring a qualified electrical contractor for your project


Save Time

Proper coordination and experience is essential to construction. Delays not only effect scheduling but can also trickle down to have a lasting effect with lost revenue and availability to build other projects.



Not only are we fully licensed and insured within Winnipeg, we are also a licensed electrical contractor throughout Manitoba. Having the piece of mind of hiring an electrical contractor who has comprehensive liability insurance is unmatched to an unqualified alternative.