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As with all construction, the cost of wiring new buildings can vary, depending on the size, and construction type of the project, current market pricing, and availability of electrical components. When it comes to electrical estimating, knowing all of these factors helps us to maintain your construction budget, no matter the size of development. We honor all of our estimates for 30 days from the time you receive our quotation. As we know, unknown costs are a major downfall with building, as such we at Impact Electric LTD tend to be extremely thorough with our quotations so that everyone is on the same page with what is included in our overall scope. We pride ourselves in maintaining our original costs associated with the estimate and not charging for unnecessary, costly extras after the contract has been signed.

Benefits of hiring a qualified electrical contractor for your project


Save Time

Proper coordination and experience is essential to construction. Delays not only effect scheduling but can also trickle down to have a lasting effect with lost revenue and availability to build other projects.



Not only are we fully licensed and insured within Winnipeg, we are also a licensed electrical contractor throughout Manitoba. Having the piece of mind of hiring an electrical contractor who has comprehensive liability insurance is unmatched to an unqualified alternative.